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Scarlet Marketing & Strategy has one thing in mind: your success. 

Our expert team is deeply dedicated to conservative values. We want to see those values prevail in our nation & that's why we're here to help your organization spread the message of conservatism. 

We will help you grow your online presence by providing you with a digital plan for communicating to your audience. We will connect your website to your social media accounts so you can share your message across the most popular platforms. And we will help you succeed because your audience will be more engaged and ready for action.




Rani's leadership experience:

  • IT Strategy Consultant, Somerset County Republican Organization

  • IT Development Manager, Corporate & Tehnology Firms

  • Agile Project Management Certified

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Michele's leadership experience includes:

  • Director of Communications, Franklin Township GOP

  • Creative Strategy, Somerset County GOP

  • Trustee, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

  • Social Media Director, Franklin Township Soccer Club

Who we are

Our team

is dedicated 

to your success.

Co-founders Rani Angel & Michele Petersen have volunteered at all regional levels of the Republican party: local, county, & state. 

After seeing a significant need for improved, more modern digital strategy among conservatives at the grassroots level, Rani & Michele developed Scarlet Marketing & Strategy to offer affordable options to local conservative organizations so they can reach & engage their audience.  

Scarlet's team wants to see conservatives succeed by calling their constituents to action, mobilizing their audience, rallying voters, and spreading the conservative values its co-founders value so dearly. 

Your success

Scarlet Marketing & Strategy will put you on the digital map with an exciting and engaging online presence, and that’s what you need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

- Tim Howes, Somerset County Republican Organization Chairman