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Don't have time to create your own content? Let Scarlet do the writing for you!

Scarlet will promote your brand by providing pertinent, engaging content that will keep your audience's attention and gain their loyalty.

Whether it's through your newsletter, social media, or website, Scarlet prepares content that will turn your readers into fans. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of written materials that will engage, enlighten, and entertain your target audience. The goal of good content is to call your audience to action. Scarlet provides this digital writing by doing the hard work for you. You will use our content, tailored to you, across your online platforms.

Where will I use content marketing?

Scarlet provides content for your newsletter, website, and/or social media platforms.

How much does content marketing cost?

Scarlet provides the following services: Weekly Social Content 1 post/week = $50 2 posts/week = $75 3 posts/week = $100 Newsletter Content Writing articles for your newsletter = $75/500 words Website Content Static content = Contact us so we can meet your needs at an affordable price. Blog posts = $75/500 words