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Your campaign or political organization raises funds so you can promote your message and make an impact on your community.​  Being a good steward of that money means using it wisely. Spend less on hiring designers and  consultants by using Scarlet's social media templates. 

social posts affordable & fully customiz

All templates are completely customizable with a free account at Canva and you may use them as many times as you'd like. Once you've customized your design, you can post them to Facebook or Instagram. Do you have a need you don't see in our store? Contact us & we'll work with you to achieve your goals. 

Scarlet brings affordable, beautiful designs to local & grassroots campaigns so your candidate, campaign, or organization can stay on brand & be recognized. 

Fully Customizable Social Templates

with your free Canva account

  • How is my site built?
    Scarlet uses Wix, the leading website builder, to create your site. Wix's tools are easy to use and give you the most flexibility for taking over your site once it's online.
  • How & when is payment taken?
    Scarlet charges 50% of its fee once our contract is signed. The remaining 50% is billed just before your site goes live. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. At this time Scarlet takes PayPal, Visa and checks.
  • How much will my website cost?
    Please contact Scarlet at 609-888-6988 or email for website prices. In addition to Scarlet's development & design fee, your organization will pay Wix approximately $20/year for domain registration & maintenance, and $250/year to host your site. This additional cost is also collected up front with Scarlet's fee. Monthly website hosting from Wix is also available. For web page additions, Scarlet bills $100/page. See our page for ongoing content development. For one week after your site goes live, Scarlet provides answers to questions at no additional charge. We will use Zoom calls with screen sharing to assist you in any way we can. Our priority is your satisfaction so you can maximize your potential to reach and grow your audience. After your training week is over, Scarlet will refer you to Wix for troubleshooting.
  • With what types of businesses do you work?
    Scarlet works with political organizations, political campaigns, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We offer a lot of value at a very reasonable cost so you can stretch your valuable money so it works harder for you. If you need a website for your political campaign, please click here.
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