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Campaign Planning

Business Plan

Plan your own campaign.

Many grassroots campaigns, smaller organizations, and candidates for Boards of Education don't have abundant bank accounts. 

Use your campaign dollars in the most efficient way possible by purchasing the Original Campaign Planner ©  .

A fillable planner (in PDF form*), this valuable tool costs a tiny fraction of a political strategy firm  and is a smart solution to start you on the path to success.

Save your much-needed funds for marketing and GOTV by using Scarlet's Original Campaign Planner ©.

*This is a digital product.

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Saving you money

An efficient, organized way to run your campaign.

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How does the Campaign planner work?


Scarlet's Campaign Planner © is a dowloadable PDF that will open in your favorite PDF reader. 


Simply download the PDF, open it, and begin filling in the information needed to organize your campaign.


Before you close your planner, depending on the PDF reader you're using, you may have to save your work.

What the Campaign Planner does NOT do . . .

The Campaign Planner is not exhaustive, but it does give you a great start in planning your campaign.


It shouldn't replace the advice you will get from your campaign team, but it will help your team get organized.


Since dates change and vary by region, the Planner does not and cannot provide specific dates for your timeline, but it does provide a helpful timeline in which you add the dates pertinent to your campaign.  Suggestions for over 40 important timeline dates are provided.


What's in the Campaign Planner? 


The Campaign planner contains over 40 pages of helpful material to start your campaign on the path to victory.


Worksheets for the following:


The candidate

The opponent

The campaign team


Determining your vote goal

Your voting district

Your campaign's theme

Writing your stump speech

Events planner and checklist

Writing your donation ask

Meeting brief for candidate

Printable sign in sheet for volunteers and events

Digital checklist

Your persuasion universe

GOTV checklist

Writing your early voting script

Writing your fundraising email

Your list of vendors

Yearly calendar

Month views January 2022 - December 2022

Guide to other Scarlet products

Notes section

How much does the Campaign Planner cost?

At $149, Scarlet's Campaign Planner © is affordable*. This simple tool will help you organize your campaign without having to hire a costly strategist. 


Save your campaign dollars for more expensive marketing and for your GOTV efforts.

*This is a digital product. 


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