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Knocking on doors is the best way to meet voters. Have customizable door hangers* in hand to give out or leave on a door so your voters can see your name and learn where you stand on the issues.


Our door hanger templates are fully customizable. You add the text and your candidate's photo, save your work, upload to and purchase from your printing company, and have your door hangers shipped directly to you.



At Scarlet's Printing Pro Shop, check out is secure, shipping is fast, the quality is excellent, and the printing is offered at Scarlet's very affordable corporate discount.  Plus we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50! Our goal is to provide you with an excellent product at a great price so you can spend your campaign dollars in other, much-needed areas.


* You are purchasing a customizable template design. This is a digital product that you send to your printing company. The actual door hangers are an additional cost from your printer. 


Email Scarlet at with any questions you have. Best wishes for your campaign!

Stars & Stripes Swish Door Hanger - Customizable Template Design - 4.5" x 11"

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